We are working on your Kiez-network

Let's support local businesses, vitalise the Kiez and make life in the city more attractive, friendlier and fairer.

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What is domerang all about?

domerang is your Kiez - online. Connect with your neighbors, go shopping at selected shops in your Kiez, earn money or donate to social projects from your area.


Support local buisnesses in your Kiez. Every purchase gives you points...

Help your neighbors

...which you can use to get help from your neighbors. Or you help them to earn even more points...

Get paid

...which are worth money at the end of each month. Get something back from your Kiez.

... or donate

Dont want to use your points? No need for the money? Donate to one of our social Kiez-projects.

You want to help us during our testing phase by finding and eliminating hurdles and bugs? Send us a mail to paul@domerang.de We can use all the help we can get!